At this stage, it is important to think about some questions concerning the feasibility of your participatory process’ M&E system. Depending the resources dedicated to M&E, all the indicators may not be completed.

Think about the next questions, and then fill the P3 column of your M&E framework considering which information would be collectable to complete indicators.

Will you be able to collect and analyze data on all the indicators that you listed ?

  • Who will be the local evaluator(s)?
  • Will the process manager and facilitator also carry out part of the M&E?
  • What are the resources available for M&E? (time, budget,… )
  • Who will use the results of the M&E?
  • Are these primary intended users involved in one way or another in the M&E?
  • Who are the targeted informants?
  • How many times will they be solicited?
  • How often does the data need to be analysed?
  • Who will analyse the data?                                           

If this exercise is too much difficult, please continue with phase 4 and come back later to this phase.

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