The implementation step is composed of two parts :

      • The conception of an implementation plan, in other words who does what and how ?

      • The operational implementation of the actions of the plan

An intermediary phase can be integrated before these steps : the participatory simulation with a role playing game. Before discussing the plan implementation, you can test your strategy in the CREA-WAG model that you created before (role playing game resulting from a participatory modelling approach). Transform the actions of your plan into activity cards in your game, if you need it adapt or create some rule, and simulate a round with these new options.

This simulation will reinforce your planning process giving your strategy some robustness !


Implementation plan

The conception of your implementation plan consists in finding the means, the agenda and the role of the different actors in the implementation of the activities.

Specific management tools are available (free or not). Considering its complexity, your plan can also take the form of a table as the one below.






Competencies required

Equipment required

Legal conditions



Date of beginning

Estimated duration



Involved actor 1 (IA1)

IA1 role


IA2 role



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