This step is the most important of the participatory integrated planning process. One must let some time to the participants and create favourable conditions so they can make actions proposals, give their ideas and structuring its presentation.

You are requested to give your opinion on the following question : “What would be the actions to implement ?”. It is not about asking each participant what does he/she plan to do individually, but what should be done for the territory by any actor. These actions may concern different actors but also different scales. (Examples : pit building, writing a new law concerning water pumping, local awareness rising campaign, school program modification, etc.).

Phase 1 : Brainstorming (20 min)

TO DO : choose a role for yourself among the actors you listed before and propose between 5 and 10 actions to implement to improve the situation of your territory.

First assessment of the actions proposed

TO DO : organize and regroup these different actions and discuss together potential actions that should be added, modified or rephrased.

Phase 2 : action model (40 min)

TO DO : create your own “action model” or pattern with the requirements and effects you will work on. We recommend 6 criteria as a limit.

Completing the action model

TO DO : complete your model with the actions proposed before during the brainstorming phase.
You can also use, if you want it, the little tables used in the video (available here). Do not hesitate modifying it so they can be adapted to your case, especially choosing a limited number of resources and effects (6 in total).

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